Ski Trip – Lookout Pass, Idaho


My first ever ski trip! My new friend – and the manager of the International House – Jenna took me shopping where I bought ski pants and hand warmers. Below is the picture of my first ski instructor. During the lesson I actually bumped into a little kid, thank God, he didn’t get hurt. I had to ski alone since all the other guys were experts and were on their way to the top of the mountain.

Later, after lunch, Roger did take me to the Green level track! I’m glad he did… It was really difficult for me but Roger kept guiding me… Matt kept taking picture of me skiing backwards…. and he captured a movie of me falling pretty bad. Hell of a day, it was soo much fun…lookout

Below is the gang…. From right to left : Matt, Rense, Me, Chris, Roger, Jenna, Evelyn …. Thumbs up guys!


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