Illahi Bukhsh Soomro & Salman Shah

I met two interesting people today. First, Dr. Salman Shah, Finance Adviser during the Musharraf regime. He gave a presentation to the Youth Parliament regarding his governments performance. Although very informative, it was funny at the same time. His presentation consisted to several graphs, all of which showed the graph going straight up starting 2002 till 2008. After this, the graph suddenly fell straight down – that where the new government took over. For no surprising reason, I found a big fat bias in his presentation. One thing I liked about this presentation was the positive picture he painted about Pakistan. He compared Pakistan to many countries, and statistics have it that Pakistan is better than many countries. Then why the sad and ‘failed state’ propaganda all the time? Why does our own media show us as a weak and falling entity? Why the rumors of weak structure all the time? Is this the time to lose hope?
Secondly, I had a nice talk with the Former National Assembly Speaker, Mr. Illahi Bukhsh Soomro. He has a very cheerful and pleasant personality. He told me and some MYPs about the reasons for Pakistani issues. Two major things I recall him telling me are that unless Pakistan gives autonomy to the provinces, it cant become stronger. This is something my Dad told me just a few days before. Secondly, he said politicians in Pakistan spend millions on campaign and earn it back as soon as they come into power thinking it is their right to do so. Unfortunate indeed!

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