About Samir

Former Youth Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Near East-South Asia scholar, freelance writer for The Express Tribune, public speaking trainer, IT consultant, SEO consultant, SMM consultant and marketing professional.

Presently, I am pursuing a Master of Information Systems Management at the Carnegie Mellon University. I am also working as a Marketing Specialist at the Heinz College Alumni Relations Office.

Feel free to email me at samiranwar@cmu.edu.

Resume available on request.

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9 thoughts on “About Samir

  1. O. EM. GEE SAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR!!! *dances around excitedly*

    I’m such a FAN I swear!!!

    You’re also very pretty. =D

    Your Secret Admirer

  2. Haha, FUDC. ^^
    I’m working on the website content, na. So I wanted to see what you guys had the last time. Couldn’t find anything though.

  3. hey

    wow, its quite impressive. However, all you talk about is yourself (no offense).
    I agree with haadea, you are a show off!

  4. Hey Samir, Actually i got here from the link of your post on Express Tribune’s blog. As you’ll get my email through this comment then do contact with me through mail. I want to discuss something which is in relation with Web & Pakistan..nothing much serious.

    We both don’t know each other. But i think just an email won’t be of any harm.

  5. hi Samir,
    It might be a good idea to enable the ‘subscribe’ functioanilty on your blog…

    BTW, I like reading your stuff


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